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    The caminol10n project is about coordinating the localization of Camino, a fast Cocoa (Mac OS X) browser.

    Important notice

    The web activity of the project has moved to a new home. Please head over there for updated information, and, if you are a current or would-be contributor, to sign up for an account.

    The Mozdev project is still an important part of our work, since it hosts our mailing-list and our files.

    We are trying to build up an efficient routine that could help to keep the translations current, distributing the efforts.
    Please sign up to the caminol10n mailing list and keep in touch with the people who are translating Camino. You may find even more people speaking your language and split work with them.
    Even people with absolutely no clues about the localization process could help by reviewing other people's work. Please get in touch with us by joining the mailing-list.

    Please read this page on the Apple site to learn about tools which can help you save time in the l10n process.

    Since Camino is an Official product from the Mozilla Foundation, it needs to follow the rules set by the Foundation. Be sure to read Mozilla Trademark Policy for Localization Projects

    The caminol10n project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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